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Thursday 9 September 2010

Down Memory Lane

I would like to say that ALL the pictures you will see on my post today were created WAY before my time - but I can't, because most of them *ahem* weren't.  I was VERY, VERY, little at the time though, honest!

I haven't done a specific craft, but I have been scanning some wonderful, I think you could call them 'vintage' images from various magazines and knitting pattern catalogues I found in the attic.

To start with, we have this:
What strange poses they got models to get into in the 1960s!
Recognise the name? Those flowers look similar to the ones we use in our craftmaking today!
The pictures above came from these old magazines, dated 1968 and 1969.  I wonder how many of you  recognise this magazine? Is it still going?
These jumper designs made me laugh! They were originally from Canada and are from the 1950s.
Finally, this image is great, so colourful.  Think I'll be framing this one!

Thanks for looking and any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Oh this post did make me smile.

My immediate thought was that the top model had, ahem, dropped one ;) *g*

Nicky Stevenson said...

Your mind, Carmen! *Tuts* [Smiles with a sweet, innocent face]

Have you tried standing in that position? With a bag? Bet you can't do it without laughing!


Kandi said...

That lady at the top is fab, I hope they paid her a fortune to do that. Love the DP ad, never seen that before.
Thanks for message, yep I have done slimming world for years now and when I stick to it it's the only plan that works for me. Hope I can stick at it for longer this time.
Kandi x

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