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Wednesday 22 September 2010

Haloweeen Jars

I'm not that keen on Halloween (I have been known to hide in a back room pretending I'm out) but I do quite like the graphic images that get created around this time. It is also terribly difficult to avoid in Blogland at the moment, it seems anyone and everyone in the crafting world is already well under way with their spooky decoration preps.

So tonight I have given in and done a little something myself:
Halloween jars (Very difficult to get the exposure right!)
They were created using jam jars with tracing paper taped around them.  The stars & moons were stickers and the spider and web were drawn.
The nightlight candle is inside the jar and as the tracing paper is around the outside they should be safe, but take the normal cautions with candles, especially around children.

I quite liked making these and could even be tempted to make other halloween decorations for around the house.  I've certainly given myself plenty of time!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

They are beautiful!

Gem said...

they are fab Nicky! I hide in the back room too, I wont answer the door on halloween! I think thats more to do with the people than the occasion though as I love horror films! :D xx

Carmen said...

They are fabby! I LOVE all the Halloweeny stuff around at the moment but must admit that as the night wears on the more we pretend to be out. We'll open the door to little kids but not the big ones chancing their arm ;)

A tip if you are worried about the night lights. Poundland is selling those flickering fake tealights at the mo - battery operated I think ;)

Unknown said...

I love the effects you have, I `d like to try a similar thing for my table at christmas xx

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