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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Ghoulish Pics

Regular followers to my blog will know that I am very keen on the free photo-editing program called Picnik - I've mentioned it stacks once or twice!  Well there is even more reason to like it now, because they've got these fab Halloween effects that you can put on your pics at the click of a button.

I've only had chance to do one pic so far tonight but will be returning to do more just as soon as I've put this blog post on.
I tried to do more grizzly stuff like adding fangs, but Picnik must be having some teething problems (groan!) because they wouldn't resize.

This was the original:
Aaaaah! (No, only joking)

I didn't know this feature (the Halloween theme) was on Picnik until I went on it tonight, otherwise I'd have hunted out a better picture to work on. 'Better' meaning us not looking quite so 'nice'. 

I should mention that some of the features aren't free, they are subscription only and some of the horror effects are really scary! I was so scared I didn't dare add some of them!  Ooooh!

I'm off to go and have some more ghoulish fun,
Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,

* * *
PS. This is as scary as I dared go tonight!:
I best get my beauty sleep or I'll be a monster in the morning!  (lol)



PepPop said...

Brilliant! I love stuff like this, some of the pics you end up with are fantastic. Jaqui x

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