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Friday 3 September 2010

Baby Clothes Frame

Tonight's craft is only at the preparation stage because I got sucked into watching Big Brother tonight! because I'm still working out what I'm going to include in my final piece!  This idea, although not new, was also in the book I mentioned yesterday, 'The Homemade Home'.  It was to frame your baby's first clothes:
..along with other memorabilia.
Sorry this picture isn't the best quality. This is a 12x12 box frame.

Another idea the author suggested was to take out the glass of a regular frame and just hang your clothes on the wall inside the frame:
A group of several frames together would look particularly effective.

This shirt was a particular favourite of both me and my husband and we couldn't part with it!:
But I need a bigger frame...

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,


Gem said...

those frames are lovely ideas Nicky! I like the one with the shoes :) x

Sarah said...

What a fabulous idea x

kids footwear said...

Placing your babies clothes in a frame looks so cute and lovely. It could be a remembrance and a decoration at the same time. They can also place it in their room so that when they grow up, they could see it and remember the old days.

Samual said...

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