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Tuesday 14 September 2010

Wall Sculptures

Today's post is a photographic one. For our anniversary today my husband and I went on the train to Birmingham and we visited a new 'Arts & Media Quarter' called the 'Custard Factory'.

This photo is of a great linear art sculpture that I took with my Instax Mini 10 Instant Camera.  It was fun using a 'polaroid-type' camera with pictures that develop in front of you but the colours were a bit off:
This was all white!
Here we have a ginormous 'green man' sculpture (my husband is sitting underneath it):
This dragon really does look as though its climbing the wall:
and finally, I loved this green vertical garden:
It looks like a giant piece of embroidery.

Lovely day, but it was a shame about the weather.  The 'Custard Factory' itself didn't seem to have much going on for visitors.  I think its still in its early stages so has empty units waiting to be filled with creative bods. I'd love a unit to spread out and make a mess, surrounded by other creative types.

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,


PepPop said...

WOW What an amazing place!!! I love the green man, he looks incredible.
Just think of the work you could create if you had your own workshop... Jaqui x

PepPop said...

Oops forgot to say...

Happy Anniversary!!

Jaqui x

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