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Monday 6 September 2010

Graphic Bookmarks and Autumn Leaves

When I was looking at the picture of the journal I covered yesterday with the wallpaper samples I decided that the design lended itself to making bookmarks.  The designs were even bookmark shapes, so that is what I have done tonight:
Just need to add some ribbons.

Long term followers of my blog may remember a Winter tree wallhanging we have in our sitting room and one of my projects this year was to add leaves to the tree, appropriate to the changing time of the seasons.  Well, the last time I updated it was in May when the blossom had just fallen off. 

My younger son reminded me the other day that I hadn't done Summer - with its abundance of green leaves so tonight (a little late!) I set about making some.  I printed (rubber stamped) lots of blank leaves - and a little birdie:
Then I stamped the leaf colour inside - green
...and because the leaves are starting to change colour again now I overstamped some of them with orange, yellow and brown:

I haven't cut all of them out (there's stacks!) but I've put some on the tree:

...and will be showing you the completed tree soon.

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,


Its All Fiddle Fart said...

I have just had a lovely little while catching up with your blog, so many things, so much inspiration. I have sat jotting ideas down ..... I love the scabble tile ... I have a drill/engraver bought in Lldl for anout £14 but I am frightened to use it ......but when I am finished on the computer I'm going to get it out ..... I have some wooden hearts that are begging to be turned into tags ....

I am so jealous of your wallpaper book .... what a find!

Love your leaves ..... I have got a laminator, sat doing nothing .....

I am back at work now so am too knackered to craft when I get in ....slept through Corrie !!!! Both episodes and couldn't manage all of Big Brother!!

I think Victor could win it ..... but my favourite of all time is Brian, but he's not as waspish second time around!!!

I have wittered too much ..... but thank you so much for SO MUCH inspiration!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful leaves :)

Carmen said...

I forgot about the tree! Good for your son bringing it back to our attention before it's to late :P Can't wait to see it :)

Jenny said...

oooh! Now I like that! Can't wait to see the tree. :) xx

Kandi said...

I love your tree, Autumn is my favourite time of year, can't wait to see it all done up! Thanks for the link to Oopsey Daisy, I am now a follower there were loads of things I loved on there, thanks for thinking of me!
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Hi All, Thanks for your lovely comments.

Helen - Hope you DID have a go with your drill/engraver and were succesful with your wooden hearts! Wallpaper book? - go ask in your local shop, you never know... Big Brother? I didn't see Brian in his series. I would like him to win this one tho', he was good in 'Come Dine with Me'. You inspire me lots too, thanks also.

Nicky x

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