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Thursday 23 September 2010

Cinderella and Bags!

This image I'm showing you now isn't one of mine, but I wish it was!:
It's a set of 6 postcards that you join up together to make up this image of Cinderella.  They are part of a set of 3 and they are illustrated by an artist called Sara Fanelli

This is the little box set they came in:
(Apologies for the pesky flash shadow from my camera!)...and those images on the top right are (play) stamps.  There is also a Pinocchio version available.  In the box is a mini-storybook of the fairy story included too.  This isn't a sponsored link, in fact I'm embarassed to say I got this new fab art work set from a charity shop for just 50p recently!  50p for such a talented illustrator!  Thats a bit sad, really.  

Here are the other two:

I love the quirkiness of all of the designs, and the use of lettering too.  What a great bow!  There are lots of other things going on in the background of the pictures that children would love to discover too.

* * * * *
I did do a craft today but it didn't work (HP website fibbed when it said you could emboss an image straight out of an inkjet printer without using embossing ink!)  but I did do something else that I can show you.  I got the idea from the american 'Craft' blog.   It's space-saving, plastic bag, origami!

Do you have a bag like this one?

I don't mean, 'do you have a Tesco Cath Kidson bag?'  I mean, 'Do you have a bag that is overflowing with plastic bags?'  With all the good intentions in the world, we don't always remember to take our reusables with us when we go out shopping. 

Well, after a bit of plastic bag jiggery pokery with my 10 year old tonight, we got it down to this:
All the plastic bags are still in there - they are just folded down into smaller pieces:
Reduced from this into this!
Now they are perfect for taking out with you in handbags and pockets!

For the full instructions (EVER so easy!) go here to A Lil Bird Told Me  (found via the american Craft site) and have your own fun reducing your own plastic bag collection down to a minimum.

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SueAnn said...

Thanks for the link! Loving that it worked well for you!

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