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Thursday 2 September 2010

Button Heart

Today's craft was unusual for me - jewellery making, well, kind of anyway.  It was a heart made of buttons:
I had got a book out of the library called 'The Homemade Home' - 50 Thrifty and Chic Handmade Projects by Sania Pell and I was looking in it for something to make.  As I was going through I kept finding sewing projects so I was thinking, 'no, no, no...no..' and then I spotted this.  It's jewellery making but the kind thats so easy peasy that even I could do it!
You just cut off a length of wire and thread the buttons onto it.  Tie or twist knots at both ends of the wire and bend it into the heart shape.  To make a hanger tie an additional piece of wire to the back.  
I've done this craft late at night thinking I've picked out all the white buttons, (the top picture makes them look grey which they are not and this picture above is a Picnik cheat!) I'll look at it in the daylight tomorrow and they'll be pale beige, pink, cream..

Never mind, it looks the part! :-)

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,


RosieB said...

nice idea, I'm off to sort through my button tin ... :)

Kandi said...

I was dead excited when I saw this! This has been on my list of things to make for ages now, I love it loads, I must stock up on cream and white buttons and get cracking!
Kandi x

Twiggy said...

Thanks so much for your lovely get well wishes. I love your heart, I fancy making some of these for Chrimbo pressies, so pretty.
Twiggy x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks for your comments. Look forward to seeing yours. Think they would make a great present. x

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