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Wednesday 15 September 2010



Sorry for this but I made my craft tonight, came to photograph it and my camera wouldn't work! :-O !!  

I can describe what I was doing though, just so you know that I did do some crafting today (honest!)

The craft that I did today was to recover a photograph album that I plan to put photos in of the artwork I have done on 'Creative Flourishes' since I started in January.  When I am out in the 'real world' (lol), friends and relatives (that aren't on computers, imagine that?!) often ask me 'what kind of art & craft I do' and I have difficulty describing it.  I have done so many different things, but invariably get stumped when put on the spot.  This is why I thought I'd make up a photo album so I can show them.  I have previously bought a photo album from a charity shop that has bright paint splashes all over the cover, its fun and arty looking but also much too bright and far too 1980's in style, so today I have altered it by gessoing  to tone it down and added up-to-date embellishments.   Hopefully, when my camera is fixed (?), I'll be able to show you.

Thanks for stopping by,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

Awwww, such a shame it wasnt working! I'm planning on covering a photo album & know bits of what I want to put on it but need a bit of inspiration for the main part.

Great idea of a photo album for your creations, I've been thinking of doing something similar for my MIL of her past creations as a present.

Carmen said...

*gasp* How are you coping? I love the sound of the project you have on the go - it's another I may have to nick the idea for :P

I would call you a multi-purpose, multi-talented crafter ;)

PepPop said...

On NO!! Nightmare. Is it fixable? I hope you get it working soon or I'm gonna miss my daily fix of your creations. Jaqui x

Kandi said...

Once you start blogging its amazing how much you covet the camera. My hubbie wants to take mine fishing with him in case he catches anything *snigger* but I say no it's far to important. I did let him take it once and told him if the kids and camera went into the river, to grab the camera first, well, it can't swim!
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Awww! Thanks for your support crafters, and the good news is - IT'S FIXED! Yay! {Jumps up and down with merriment} It was an SD card problem, it had just locked itself (stupid thing!) but I was pleased as I managed to fix it myself.

I will be showing you my photo album later today.

It's true, we do rely on our cameras a lot whilst blogging, I haven't even got a camera on my phone so I was (temporarily) scuppered!

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