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Friday 22 October 2010

Having fun with letters

I love writing, lettering and calligraphy, in fact I love letters, full stop!

Tonight I have done a couple of pages of lettering that show you how you can do your own.  Using a computer is obviously one way of doing it, but sometimes it is better to add your own handwritten words for a more personal touch to your cards and scrapbooking pages.

In fact this technique is so well known, you may well know it already, but just in case I have readers that don't know, I have done this for you.

I have two methods of writing to show you, one is by adding dots:

First write out your alphabet in the normal way:
..then add a 'dot' with your pen to the ends of letters, like this:
Looks much more 'interesting' - you can also vary the angle of the letter.

The second method is to add lines.  Again, write out your letters in the normal way:
and then add lines to the ends of the letters:
Again, you can vary the angles of the letters and lines.

Sorry, my post is late today, Blogger is still causing me problems when I try to add more than one photo.  I have to save the page as a draft and then edit the draft.  Hope they fix it soon.

Thanks for looking and any comments,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

I used to love creating my own handwritten fonts, I think I forgot about it when I got my own computer :(

Bloggers new way of adding piccies is driving me NUTS!! I was hoping after wednesdays maintenance they would have got rid of the bugs.

Carmen said...

Ooer - having not blogged in a week I'm getting worried at all the 'AAAAAARGH!' posts about the piccies. I'm doing my late Rocking Friday today so am hoping it wont be a pain as my PC is slow enough already.

I'm with you - love words, love lwriting and like K since having my PC I don't do it nearly enough! Great post :)

PepPop said...

So simple so cool. I love the dots. I've got loads of letter packs and I never know how to use them - maybe I should challenge myself more. Jaqui x

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