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Monday 4 October 2010

Make your own Whiteboard

...out of an old tablemat.  My children had outgrown this tablemat and I found it whilst having an extremely late (lol) Spring Clean! So I changed it into a much more useful whiteboard for listing my shopping:

This is what it was like before:
I used 'Stardrops' to clean it up, get rid of grease (everybody on MSE recommends it, its a cleaning wonder product apparently), and I covered it with Fablon White Shelf Covering.

The keen eyed amongst you will spot it still says 'Farm Animals' around the sides so my next job will be to cover that up with a matching coloured pen.

I don't know how readily available white fablon is, this was a charity shop purchase (surprise, surprise) at £1.50.  I already had the whiteboard pen amongst my (vast) stationery collection. 

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PepPop said...

Clever idea!! I used to use a bit of laminated card but I like yours much better. Jaqui x

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