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Thursday 28 October 2010

Children's Xmas Decoration

I've been working on a christmas decoration idea that my two boys could help me with.

This is the result:

It does, of course, look more impressive in RL, where you can appreciate all the bling and shine from the embellishments.

The star was made using lollipop sticks:Stick them together, then paint:

..and finally add your sparkly bits:

...and a hanger on the back.

Think this would be a fun activity for a group of children to do, maybe for the tree?

I also had a go at a walnut mini pumpkin:

(based on an idea suggested by K on .hand.made.heart.felted)

Thanks for looking and for any comments,

See you tomorrow,



Kandi said...

Oh they are sweet. I love the mini pumpkin though it's fab. It looks like a shrunken head, love it!
Kandi x

K said...

I've got a star like that that Z made at pre-school. Its placed on top of his lil xmas tree every year.

YAY!!! you made a walnut pumpkin! I shall make note so I can feature on the site (if you dont mind). Totally agree with Kandi that it looks like a shrunken head, lol

Nicky Stevenson said...

You've made me want to get a tree for my kids K! ;-)

Yey, feel free to put it on the site if you wish.

K said...

Thanks Nicky .... keep an eye open for it at the start of Nov.

My 2 each have a tree in their rooms, just a 2ft one each, so they have a tree to decorate as I'm too much of a control freak to let them decorate the larger one **blush** I do that one when they are in bed so they wake up to a lovely decorated downstairs.

PepPop said...

Love the star. You're so clever!!!! Love the teeny weeny walnut head :) Jaqui x

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