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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Christmas Abstract Background

I revisited a craft I did on here in April today.  I haven't been doing repeated techniques much on here as I do like to try new ones.

But I remembered liking the abstract effect of this particular craft so decided to try doing it again using Christmas colours:

As you can possibly tell it is still wet as I've only just finished - I am such a 'do things at the last minute' person. 

This technique uses watercolour pens, Pearl-X powder and Spray starch (the type you use for ironing) which react with each other.  They carry on working for a while after you've mixed them and when they are dry they look different again.  
I personally love the abstract look, but I know its not everyone's cup of tea.  Looking forward to seeing how it dries and if it looks OK I will probably put it onto a Christmas card.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

That looks FAB!! Cant wait to see the card you'll make with it.

PepPop said...

This looks brilliant. Do you have to use card? (I'm thinking paper to use for gift wrap) Jaqui x

Kandi said...

Oh that is lovely, really effective, I am getting all christmassy seeing all the festive colours being used on peoples blogs!
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Hi, thanks for the comments. PepPop, I did use card, black glossy card so I don't know if it'll work on paper, you can but try!

Admitedly this piece did look better before it dried - and also better at night than in the day! I might end up cutting it up and using it in collages, etc. instead. x

Carmen said...

Now you KNOW I love the look of this :P Would definitely look fab cut up and usedin mixed media pieces! Is it going in your altered book? OOh talking of which I saw an amazing one on display at Pickleberry Crafts at the weekend, just beautiful and so inspirational!

PepPop said...

Mmm I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on. Jaqui x

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