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Thursday 14 October 2010

Halloween Fancy Dress Album

My family and I love a good dress-up! Give us a good theme for a fancy dress party and we go to town!  You may remember some of the outfits and wigs I showed you here on this blog that my boys were wearing on one fun day in the Summer Holiday.  When my husband and I played in our local samba band a few years ago we occasionally got to dress up and we revelled in it.

So, today, I decided to make a mini scrapbook of some of the outfits we have worn, mainly for Halloween, which will be the theme of the scrapbook, but I will include a few of us in other fun outfits too.  In America they don't only wear horror type outfits for Halloween anyway.

So far I have just been working on the front cover:
I've sprayed white paint onto black paper, added a 'mock' silver web and a real plastic spider.  I'm going to look on the web for a suitable 'horror' font for the title...
That spider is looking a bit too realistic! Aaaah!

I've found a few pictures to include:
But there are loads more to find...

I'm also looking for more potential background accessories too:
..and these will make some good spooky templates.

Hopefully this WIP (Work-in-Progress) will be finished in the next few days! WTS - Watch this space!

* * *
Finally, I stamped a sentiment on the clay heart that I made the other day:

Thanks for stopping by and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


PepPop said...

Oooh Spooky. Great idea to keep them all in one album too. Your heart is great, love the stamped sentiment on it. Jaqui x

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