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Saturday 16 October 2010

Costume pages part 1

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! This is the title of one of my halloween scrapbook pages that I've done tonight:
This 'lovely' picture is of my husband on one of our samba dress up occasions.

Admitedly this is a 'bit of a cheat' as I've added a post camera effect onto this - its a 'wrapped in cling film' effect which makes it look extra gory.  The arrows were real though, they were painted on with face paints. 
The photo effect makes it look as though the face is outlined with white, so I continued that theme by outlining the scallop around the edge of the paper with white pen.

Another theme I will be continuing thoughout this Halloween scrapbook will be that of splatters,  which I did on this one and also on another page I did tonight:
I also added a rubber stamped 'blood stained' hand. This is going to be the 'title' page of the book.

I have found most of the photos I've been looking for but there is a great one of my older son taken last year that I can't find.  We made him a great homemade costume that made him look as though he'd lost his head and was carrying it!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


furrypig said...

those photos really are pretty scarey! Can't wait to see your headless son!

PepPop said...

I think the clingfilm effect on the photo of your OH makes him look like a robot. Great pics but I love the family one!! Jaqui x

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