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Saturday 2 October 2010

Inspirational Calligraphy

It's no secret, I love swirls! Flourishes, swirls, call them what you will, but I am delighted that they have been in the crafting world for quite a while and are still very much in vogue.  Designers are always thinking of new ways of presenting them and these days I've noticed the new fangled way is to add additional designs to them.  I showed you some the other day, adding holly berries.  This time I noticed some with words around the edges.  I decided to get out my calligraphy pen and do my own:

I've mounted them on silver and will be framing them.

Can't get enough of swirls! :-)

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


Liberty :) said...

they are gorgeous qwiksave! i know who to come to for calligraphy help!!

Julie (elysia2003) said...

What a`lovely idea. There's something very girly yet sophisticated about swirls and flourishes. I love them too.

K said...

Ooooo, FAB idea, I shall be using it, thanks hun :)

Karen Cooke said...

They are stunning - you are very good with a calligraphy pen! Haven't tried calligraphy for about 10 years, may have another go.

PepPop said...

Great work! I've too scrappy with my lines for this - I admire your penmanship. Jaqui x

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