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Sunday 24 October 2010

Reader's Digest Snowflake

Woohoo! I've finally signed up to one of Shimelle's classes!  My very first!

It starts tomorrow (Monday) and its called 'True Stories'
I'd been um-ing and ah-ing about this and what made the decision for me was the fact that one of my most favourite multi-media artists, Dina Wakley (of Ponderings), is signed up as one of the guest artists. 

This particular class doesn't seem very picture based, as its all about getting us writing.  The equipment list was just this:
A notebook and pen! 

I don't know if you spotted, but the pen I have chosen for writing this is a Yoropen:
They have this unusual nib shape and they are sooooo comfortable to write with, I could write a book!

I'm probably like you though, don't get to write very often, too busy tapping keys on a keyboard.  This in some ways is why this course appealed, as I said the other day,  I lurrrrrve the physical process of writing (the content is what I have the problem with!...)

I will share with you what I can but obviously with a subject title of 'True Stories', I'm sure some of it will have to remain private.

So, whats a 'Reader's Digest snowflake' then?  I hear you ask. 

It's this:
(my craft for today)
It's called a Readers Digest one because the instructions on how to make it were in a RD book called 'Extraordinary Uses for Everyday Objects' and the unusual part of this is that the white part is Epsom Salts!  To make it you cut a snowflake out of blue paper and then brush over it with a thick mixture of Epsom Salts and water.  When its dry (I used a heat gun), you do the other side.  It's meant to produce a 'frosted effect'.  I have to say I was hoping for something a bit more 'crystally' but at least I've learned and discovered another technique to try.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


Nicky Stevenson said...

Just to mention that the crystal effect worked better on the reverse side of the snowflake, when I left it to dry naturally overnight. I even got some sparkly bits.

Off to Coventry on the train today, whilst my kids go swimming with their dad, I'm going to Hobbycraft, yay!

furrypig said...

love the readers digest snowflake need to get some epsom salts now! Look forward to seeing you in class with Ms Shimelle xxx

Liberty :) said...

intersting concept! i have that book too its great!!! see you in classsss! X

Nicky Stevenson said...

OOh, some classmates to giggle with at the back! lol.

I haven't got the Reader's Digest book myself, my inlaws had it and on a visitation I went through it writing down any good ideas! (very MSE!)


PepPop said...

Congrats on your new class. Love the pen - I have a big thing for pens (sad I know but if I see a new kind I HAVE to have it!!) Interesting idea for your class, I'm looking forward to your posts. Jaqui x

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