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Thursday 7 October 2010

Let it Snow!

..But not yet!  We can wait until nearer Christmas.  And speaking of Christmas, lots of my crafty friends on MSE (moneysavingexpert.com) have already started to make homemade decorations, gifts and cards for this year's festive season.  Making your own can be time consuming, so its best to make sure you allow yourself plenty of time.

For my craft tonight, I was going to be doing some more of my 50th Anniversary canvas but I encountered yet another technical problem, :-O  so I made this Christmas decoration instead:
It's a really difficult thing to photograph successfully, particularly at night, but its an irridescent clear Christmas Tree bauble that I have added things to.
Randomly around the outside I have stuck on some confetti snowflakes (sorry, you can't really tell by these photos) with Glossy Accents and inside there is a torn piece of paper with the words 'Let it Snow' on.  I stuck glitter around the words and then sprinkled some inside the bauble, together with lots of blue and white snowflake confetti.

It now resembles a snow globe (without the water) and there is a definite temptation to keep on shaking it. I might have to keep it away from my boys (& myself!) or I can see ourselves getting glitter, glass and snowflakes all over the carpet!

The idea for this came from Helen of 'It's All Fiddle Fart'.  She has some excellent ideas for both Halloween and Christmas on her blog now, so go and take a look here.

* * * * *

This was a decorative Christmas magnet that I made last year out of two buttons:
It has a craft foam hat, snowflake and nose and a drawn mouth. It is finished off with a sparkly blue gem and a tied ribbon was glued on for the scarf.  A long strip of magnet was added to the back to join the buttons together and also to stick it to the noticeboard.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

Oooo, I like it! Hmmm, wonder if theres a way to get water in the ones I've got with a bit of silicone sealent to make it water tight (can you smell the burning as the cogs start to turn?)

Thanks for the link on my blog, FAB graveyard as well as other items on that blog. Shall have to see whats up with my email button & get it fixed.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thats a creative idea K, what do you put in the water to make a globe, I forget?

It's not your email that is a problem, its my computer, its not set up to do email - I use gmail instead.

Unknown said...

I love these, was the snow globe dificult to do ?

Nicky Stevenson said...

No, susan, it was really easy. The top of my bauble was simply lifted off so I could put little things inside.

See this MSE post by Helen of 'It's All Fiddle Fart':


(Lots of other good ideas on that thread too!)

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi there, LOVE the bauble! Where did you manage to buy 'blank' ones from please?
BH x

K said...

You just add a bit of glitter Nicky, maybe stick a snowman at the bottom - ooo, wonder if a bit of sumit would be needed to keep water fresh/clear. My blank baubles havent got anywhere to pour water in when sealed though, doh! shall have to keep my eyes open for some others this year.

furrypig said...

thanks for sharing your version of Fiddle Farts baubles I really want to try this and was hoping there would be some baubles in £land but sadly not! Did u manage to find some this year?

Nicky Stevenson said...

I got my baubles from a charity shop. The box said 'Tesco' on them. Sorry, haven't seen any others in any other shops this year.

Blueberry Heart said...

Thanks, I'll be scouring the shops anyway now that the Christmas goodies are trickling through! Bound to find some on my travels then off to my crafty spot I'll be going!!
BH x

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