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Saturday 10 April 2010

Pre-Journalling & Coloured Nightlight Jars

I've been extra creative today, not only have I got one project to show you today, but two!  For the first project, I had another go at doing a 'pre-journalling' page:

To make this (its 1 page), I used various thicknesses of white paint markers to make random spirals and then also did one in silver. Then I coloured over the top and in the area around them with coloured markers - just using ordinary thick felt tips, the water soluble type. I've never looked at journals properly so wasn't sure quite what or even how people write in them so I just started writing random things inside and around the spirals with a black Sharpie pen (I think in a proper journal, you're meant to write about your feelings!) On the black colouring pen part I used white, silver and gold gel pens.  I really enjoyed doing this exercise, and could definately see me doing this in a journal for real.

My second project today was some coloured glass candle jars. I saw them on this blog yesterday and fancied making some.

First of all I frosted the glass jars using an acrylic frosting medium on a soft sponge:
I then added food colourings to an outdoor Mod Podge:

I made several colours. Here I've popped a nightlight in and the room lights are on:

..and then the room lights were switched off:

I think I prefer the 'room lights are on' effect but I'm sure they'll all look great outside and when I take them camping with us later on in the year.  Thanks to the original blogger for the idea.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll see you tomorrow!



pam said...

Wow! I love your idea of using the frosting medium before applying the colored Mod Podge. Another product I was totally unaware was available! But it would be perfect to give the candles a little more of a translucent look.

Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your idea ... and for linking to my post.

Gem said...

wow those jars are really beautiful :) xx

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