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Saturday 24 April 2010

Victorian Times

We had quite an interesting day today, my son's junior school had a Reunion event on.  It's an old Victorian school so they planned a few events to celebrate the fact.
They had a pretend strict teacher from the 'Victorian' times to tell us what life was like in school at that time.  The children from today dressed up in some clothes from the Victorian era and my son wore a cloth hat.  The class were also shown how the pupils learned to write on blackboards:

They also put on a performance of 'Oliver' in the hall:
(My son is 3rd from the left)

...and got the children to play with old fashioned toys in the playground, like Hoop & Sticks.  They also sold some nostaligic sweets.  I bought a bar of 'Old Jamaica' which Cadburys have revived, its a lovely Rum 'n Raisin dark choccy bar, mmmmnn!

As for a craft today?  My mother-in-law has finally fixed the old sewing machine she gave me and all I have done today craftwise is to practice making some straight lines on scrap cloth.  My plan is to (hopefully) use the machine for making cards and scrapbook pages.
Hope this old machine is up for it!

See you tomorrow,


PepPop said...

Your son's schoolday looked great fun. Thanks for letting me know my favourite choccy bar has been revived - you've just made my weekend :) Jaqui x

Nicky Stevenson said...

You remember it PepPop? I do! (embarassed smilie) I was shocked at the price though, it was £2.50!! :-O That makes it pirate's treasure! Nicky x

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