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Tuesday 27 April 2010

This is My Life

One of the projects I've mentioned I plan to have a go at is to write and scrapbook my life story for my own children and for future generations.  I am reading a good book on how to go about this that I got from my local library, the book is called "Your Life Your Story" by Cherry Gilchrist and I would recommend it if you are thinking of doing the same:
(Available at Amazon  ISBN:978-0-7499-4270-0)

I am working through the book and one of her suggestions that I like the idea of was to use a ringbinder that you can separate (using subject dividers) into different ages of your life. This will help because you can write about areas of your life as you remember them but they will be separated into their own 'compartments'. You will be building your story separately but still be working towards completing the whole thing. (Hope thats clear!?)

Anyway, the point is, I wanted a ringbinder that I will enjoy using (it needed a certain 'look') and I came up with this:

It was a plain red ringbinder that I have modified to make it look like 'one of those books' from the TV series of the same name (older readers will know the one I mean!)
I put flock letter stickers (very touchy feely!) onto some gold card:
and added Paperchase photocorners around the edge.  I also embossed the line around the frame using a blunt point and a ruler....

..and glued gold card triangles onto two of the corners:
I think I'm going to enjoy writing in my 'luxury book' - and also think it would make a great gift to make for someone else (fully completed if possible!)

See you tomorrow,


Kandi said...

That's a lovely idea! I have asked my Mam to do something similar for me to keep and pass to my children as she is losing her memory and I don't want all that to be forgotten.
Kandi x

PepPop said...

What a great idea for your kids. There are so many little things that my mum and dad have talked about over the years and it would be great to have the all written down. Love your book - made me smile Jaqui x

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

Not sure how I missed this post a couple of weeks ago but this sounds like a brilliant idea.

I'd love my parents to do this - it's Mum's 60 birthday soon so I think I'll get her this book - thanks for the inspiration! How are you finding it now you've got your pretty folder with its dividers? Lucy xox

Nicky Stevenson said...

It's great, Lucy. I've divided them into stages of my life - baby, primary school, middle school, high school, college, etc. I haven't got lots of photos of each of these so I have put the few I have in plastic wallets inside the file. (Ideally I could do with archive quality wallets). The dividers were from WHSmiths and they were the wider type that allow for plastic wallets. Ultimately, I plan to do a sort of story/scrapbook which may not necessarily be kept in this folder. Good idea to give your mum the book, and I'm happy to help! x

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