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Thursday 8 April 2010

Practice Journal

Something else I've fancied doing (as if I haven't got enough on the go!) is to make an artistic journal.  I absolutely LOVE the journals created by Dina Wakley (another one with a great blog) and it would really appeal to me to do something along those same lines. 

Today I've spent a lot of the day in the garden. It's finally been sunny enough here for me to venture out with the boys (all the messy details to follow) so I didn't get a lot of crafting done today.  Not that I've been doing any gardening, I've just been clearing up all the assorted plastic toys and gubbins that little boys leave around.  My husband usually mows the lawn and weeds the path  but with him being away, I fear I may end up having to do it myself!  (Wonder where the lawn mower is? lol)

Quick craft done today, not even finished, was a doodle. A 'pre-starting-a-journal' page:
I love the effect of resist - this was red felt tip on top of a white paint marker:
(with some drawn pencil lines)

That resist effect could look interesting as a background on a journal page, maybe I could try different colours?

WARNING: Messy, dirty photos below! :-O

THIS was my boys having fun today!:
What is it about boys that means they just can't resist Mud and Water?! (I remained mostly unscathed! :-)  )

See you tomorrow!



PepPop said...

mmm interesting technique.. and tell me how on earth did you manage not to get covered in mud - it looks great fun!! Jaqui x

Unknown said...

Great practice journal, cant believe the boys ended up so dirty, oh what fun, i remember me and my sister having a custard pie fight once with paper plates and tins of shaving creme , we were about 30 at the time.....my father wasnt impressed we used all the shaving foam....

Nicky Stevenson said...

PepPop, I did get some mud splashes on my jeans but most of those photos were taken with a zoom lens! lol.

susan, Your description made me laugh, that sounds great fun!

I will do water pistol fights with the boys in the Summer. My husband bought me my own water pistol so I have no excuse!

Nicky (qwiksave) x

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