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Wednesday 28 April 2010

Letter Writing

Some people don't look at their children's toys as potential crafty materials, but I do. I think, 'when they grow out of that I'll be able to use it for such and such' or 'I wonder if they'd miss that, because I could do such and such with it now!' (lol) [I should point out that I don't actually act on that one, I'm not that bad!]  Sometimes I don't just use the toys my children have, I actively look for potential (cheap) new or secondhand toys or games that could be used for crafty purposes when I am out & about on my (frequent) shopping jaunts. 

This card that I made a few years ago (which some people may recognise) was made with an old name jigsaw, plastic letters and a few crafty embellishments:
The centre of this card is a photo of a Daniel jigsaw placed on a blue background.  No toy was damaged in the making of this card! 

And that is the idea I have, using letter toys to make personalised cards.  You construct your message with the toy letters and take a photo, then simply print the photo out and stick it onto a card. (Embellish as required).  Maybe make it into a decoupage type too, if you print out several copies.

...And you don't have to stick to just children's cards:
This was made today from a Travel Scrabble game, bought from a charity shop for £1.  If I only photograph the image rather than actually sticking down the letters, I can reuse the idea again and again. 

Still on the letter theme, whilst blog hopping yesterday, I came across a (free) site that lets you  do some whacky things with words that you type into it.  Here are some examples of ones I have done today:

Heart effect

Wave effect

..and Spiral effect
The site is called festisite, and to use your constructed word shapes after you have written them you save them to your computer and print them out.  They would look interesting on the front or inside of a greetings card.

Thanks for looking today
and I'll see you tomorrow,


Marg said...

Brilliant ideas there - thanks for sharing. x

Kandi said...

Nicky - brilliant ideas, I really love the scrabble one! Kandi x

tea_bag said...

Some fab idear alma

kelly said...

Love the idea, thankyou am always looking for new ideas myself!!

On the other side of you using old toys!! You never know might be a toy story (film) moment and the others may come after you!! LOL :)

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

All fab ideas - scrabble tiles are sold on ebay for £1 each so I'm always on the lookout for old games to snap up and use in crafting. £1 each is a bit steep ;o) Good plan to photograph scrabble tiles and re-use the letters.

My fave idea is using an old teddy for a book end by opening up his bottom and filling him with rocks! But what Kelly says has made me think twice about doing this.... xox

PepPop said...

Great ideas Nicky. Love the text ones although the scrabble one is genious. Jaqui x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Wow! This is a popular post! Thanks for your kind comments everyone. £1 for one scrabble tile!! What a rip off! (vows to buy EVERY scrabble game she ever sees in a charity shop!)

I don't think the Toy Story toys should be worried, I'm keeping onto them longer! lol. x

Anonymous said...

great blog and thanks so much for sharing the fab link to festisite. Have been looking for a site like this for ages x

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