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Wednesday 7 April 2010

To Scrapbook...or not?

I got myself the new Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book/Magazine yesterday (using my 10% off voucher from WHSmiths) and I've been looking online at loads of scrapbooking sites and blogs and it has really inspired me to seriously have a go at documenting my life for my children.  I am, (ahem), no longer a Spring Chicken and I really would like my two boys to know what life was like for me when I was a child and  to let them know about the life I have led. 

I also want them to know about my parents, of whom they never really knew as both of them are sadly no longer with us.  I have told my boys elements of all kinds of things, (because they think I lived at the time of the dinosaurs!) but it would be so much better to have it all documented for them.  It is something I would have loved to have of my parents - what life was like in the wartime and the 1940's and 1950's for them.

I am only at the stage of sorting through loads of boxes and piles of photos, writings and assorted paraphernalia so all I can show you today are bits and pieces of things I have found whilst sorting:

I am also a bit nervous about starting the actual pages. I have seen very minimal pages which I like, but I also like the 'really busy' embellishment filled pages too!  And journalling - you want to tell the story but could  it crowd the page too much?  Also, what type of paper do I use? I am working towards getting Retro pages (in fact I've ordered some of the new Tim Holtz -Woo!)  for my history, but I also rather like the idea of painting my own.  Embellishments too. I consider myself to be something of an artist so almost begrudge the idea of paying for someone else's 'stuff' - but then again, printed stuff looks so much more professional.... (and lets face it there's some great stuff out there!) 

Sorry to ramble, it just helps me to get it down on paper screen!  I really need to stop procrastinating and just get on with it!



K said...

I've gone thorugh my moms photos and slides scanning them all, and am about to start on my own so not only do I have a digital copy of them incase they get damaged but also so I can print out the photos I want to use while scrapping and play without fear of "omg, what have I done, its awful & the photos ruined". You could do the same yourself enabling yourself to relax while creating your piece of art.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Good idea K. I DO have an awful lot of stuff though. If I digitised it all, it would take me forever to do. I may still do that but I'm also itching to start sticking and creating some pages, I have been putting it off for too long already. Thanks for the suggestion though, qwiksave x

PepPop said...

Good luck and can't wait to see how you get on with this. It's something I've though about dabbling in myself but to be honest I'm daunted at the thought of it. Jaqui x

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