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Thursday 15 April 2010

Spring Tree Part 1 Blossom

Own up! How many projects have you got on your 'I must do this craft' list?  If you're anything like me it will be tons!  Now, out of that list, how long have these crafts been waiting for you to get started on them?  Today's project, shock horror, has been on my list for getting on for 18 years!! 

But, of course, I've been waiting for the right time to do this, and now is it!  I have also been waiting for the right materials to come along (My mother always said that I could write the book of excuses!)

Anyway, this is the project:
Well, not quite.  I didn't make the tree, its an African wall hanging we have had in our sitting room for 18 years.  It's really cleverly made, and I got it from a World Craft Fayre all those years ago.    This project, which I have been meaning to do all this time is to explore the Seasons with it.  It has always been stuck in Winter...

Until today....:
(Click pictures to enlarge)
..I've added Blossom to some of the branches. 

The project I've been rambling on about, is to show the tree throughout its various seasons with blossom, then leaves, the leaves changing colour and falling off and maybe some snow...

Thats why I mean 'this is the right time'. This year I have remembered! And I remembered at the right time of year too, the first dramatic change in a tree's life cycle.

Here is a close up of the blossom:
It's just pink tissue & crepe paper stuck on with temporary glue dots.  (I've never had 'temporary glue dots' before so could never work out what to use as I didn't want to spoil the tree with permanent changes).

Hopefully you will join me throughout the year as I make the various seasonal changes...

but meanwhile....
See you tomorrow,


Kandi said...

What a lovely idea! That tree is just crying out for blossoms at this time of year!
Can't wait to see it in Autumn x

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