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Monday 5 April 2010

Inspirational Blocks

My 100th post - yay!

You remember those old building blocks I bought last week? Well today I started on my first bit of altering:

I think they look great just as they are, I've been painting some, sanding them and inking them.  But if I leave  them around on my craft table I may find further uses for them, do some more alterations.. maybe make them into magnets...?

As its the tail end of Easter I couldn't not have an Easter related post so I 'spotted these and thought of
you' (as the ad says!):
Aren't they a hoot? They were found in an old (1970's) craft book:
(Copyright 1978 Octopus Books Ltd)
..along with this felt appliqued bedspread and matching 'headboard' picture. It has step-by-step instructions in it too! :-)
(For lovers of vintage images, like myself, do check out this blog:  http://doecdoe.blogspot.com/  )

See you tomorrow,


Gem said...

love how you've altered the blocks and distressed them, very inspirational :) xx

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

Your blocks look ace - one would look nice just sitting on a fireplace, with the word 'home' on it - or in a kitchen on a shelf. They look v vintage. Must keep an eye out for some! xox PS Congrats on your 100th post!

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