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Thursday 1 April 2010

Milk Bottle Treat Bag

I've decided to show you what I did today and will catch up on the previous day's crafts bit by bit. 

This was today's craft:

It's a treat for my boys - it has milk bottle sweets in the packet!

To make this I first of all needed  to draw a cow. I do cartoons myself but thought I'd look up a reference of how to do a cow on google and found this website - A guide on how to draw a cartoony cow! Perfect! I used it as a guide and adjusted it a bit.
I s-t-r-e-t-ched him out a bit and changed his tail and details.  I also added a 3-d flower, lettering and drew some grass and sky.  I then added the packet of milk bottle sweets.

He will be a nice Easter companion to the other Easter treat packet I made a while back:

Have a Happy Easter and I'll see you tomorrow!

qwiksave x


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