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Friday 23 April 2010

First Aid Decoupage

I've done a very quick craft tonight, its been a busy evening as my boys went to a birthday party and then attended Beavers and Cubs. Lots of ferrying was done.  When we got back we watched an old video of 'Apollo 13', the film with Tom Hanks. My older son can't wait to be able to zoom off into space!

My quick craft tonight is a before and after thingamabob:

It's our First Aid Box made out of an old baby changing container.
Add a few bits of olde decoupage...

(pictures are photocopies of images  from 'Creative Photocopying' book)

Have a great weekend.

See you tomorrow,


Blueberry Heart said...

nothing like a quick makeover - they are always a good way to bring something back to life!
BH x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Hi BH, thanks for your comment. Yes, decoupage is useful for changing things relatively cheaply and quicky.

Some of this victorian decoupage I've used is a bit gruesome - as medical things were at that time.

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