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Wednesday 21 April 2010

I can draw!

I can actually..as these pictures I made (admitedly a long while ago) show:

I can draw, but I don't any more, and that's a bit sad in a way.  I'm one of these crafty people that is dabbling in all sorts of crafts (as you can see!) but not focusing on any one.  There was an athelete who was famous in 'I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here!' for repeatedly saying 'Focus!' (sorry, can't remember his name!) but, should I?  Should I be focusing, working towards a specific target or is it OK to jump from one thing to another?   This is the question I am asking myself today....

My boys don't do a lot of crafting/painting, except what they are 'made to do' at school.  So today I got them something to fire up their creativity:

It's a large piece of canvas that is treated so you can put it in the washing machine - but you must remember to only use washable paints.   I thought it would be fun in the garden in the Summer to just free them from their 'I can't draw/paint' mindset. 

We had a little play today just randomly making marks and taking a print from it:
Hopefully we will have some more fun with it as the weather gets better!

See you tomorrow,


Its All Fiddle Fart said...

You are wasted - you MUST draw more - I would give my eye teeth to draw a tenth as well as you. Sharpen your pencils gal!

PepPop said...

I agree with Helen - although I love your other work too and it would be a shame for you to stop that if you "Focus". I would just add drawing to your list :) Jaqui x

K said...

Hows about focusing on the moment and seeing where it takes you :)

If I focus too much on one type of crafting it drains me of all creativity, so flitting from one thing to another and then back again keeps me enjoying it all.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks fellow crafters for all the support! (I get more support on here than in real life! :-( ) I wish there were some nearby crafting groups I could go to (will investigate).

Regarding the drawing, I think I WILL do some more... but will continue to do a mixture of things for this blog. What do they say? 'Variety is the spice of life!' :-) x

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