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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Painting with Fairy Dust

Whilst browsing on my Facebook recently, I spotted an arty post some mixed media artists were speaking to each other about.  They were raving about this new technique they had discovered, using Spray Starch and watercolour mediums.  I investigated further and found a blog with this lovely technique on it, and of course I had to have a go!  I managed to purchase some Spray Starch (which you are meant to use for ironing! - pah!) in Robert Dyas. I used irridescent acrylic paints & Pearl X Mediums scattered onto glossy black card that had been sprayed with the Starch. The starch was also sprayed on top of the paint and mediums.
I have done this craft really late so again, its not dry, but all that pink and blue is pure glittery shimmer! It looks great whilst its wet and I'm sure it will look dazzling when it dries.
Here's a close up view where you can kind of see the glitter.
(Click images to enlarge)
This was a second one I did, a 'work in progress' shot, brushing all that 'fairy dust' around.   Technical note: DON'T brush it all around, (even though its fun!) the colours are best kept separated!

Think I will use these either as a background for some altered art or maybe as bookmarks.

WARNING: Photos of squirmy, slimy things coming up! :-O

My husband has gone back to China so its up to me to entertain the boys again, even if their interests might be the squirmy, slimy, dirty things discovered in the garden!:
(Can you please get it to munch all those weeds on the garden path?)

See you tomorrow,



Gem said...

beautiful paint effect, the snail pic took me by surprise though :D xx

Nicky Stevenson said...

Sorry Gemma, I have now added a 'warning' - not everyone likes dirty slimy things! :-)

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