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Friday 9 April 2010

Mini Celebration!

Woohoo! I've got 50 followers!  I would like to say thanks to each and every one of you (oh, get on with it!) for joining me on my 2010 journey of creativity (and for those of you that just pop in from time to time, you are most welcome too!)

I know other bloggers offer milestone blog candy but I'm not really in a position to do that so I have chosen something different to offer you, something for everyone that has popped in today, should you want it.

What I have are 3 images taken from a book.  This book, which some of you may have read or maybe just seen, is called :59 SECONDS by Professor Richard Wiseman * and in it there is a section on Creativity and ways in which you can be more creative.

At the end of the section on Creativity, the author has given us some creative patterns which you can use..
"to help produce original ideas. They can be turned into examples of modern art and used to adorn the walls of boardrooms and meeting spaces.  Alternatively, they can be loaded on computers as wallpaper or even used as subtle background designs on the pads people use to scribble their ideas."

These are the three designs, copy them if you like (right click and save to your own computer), and maybe they will help with your own artistic creativity:
(I haven't tried them out myself yet, these have simply been scanned from the book, but do let me know if you find them helpful!)

On to today and what I did for my project today was to make a bookmark out of that background that I made a couple of days ago.  The background was made using Spray Starch, Irridescent Acrylic Paints and Pearl X.  It did look really different when it dried, but I love it!:
(Click on images to enlarge view)
Here's the close up:
I think it makes an interestingly creative bookmark!

And finally for today, we've had another enjoyable day with the sunshine in the garden and I took these pictures:

Don't you just love Spring?!

(*£2.99 from The Works)

See you tomorrow!


PepPop said...

Congrats on getting to 50 followers!! Love the pics of the flowers. Makes you feel summer might make it after all! Jaqui x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Jaqui. Its hard to believe that we have SNOW forecast for our area for tomorrow! My kids have been in their swimming gear just 2 days ago, now they're hoping to be getting out their sledge! Crazy! Nicky (qs) x

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