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Monday 26 April 2010

Bug Rocks

Tonight's craft was....looking at YouTube Videos of how to make jewellery using cold resin!  Well, no it isn't even though that is exactly what I have been doing tonight.  I feel I would be cheating you if I put that as my craft (see how I'm thinking of you!) so I rapidly did something else too! (lol). 

Outside our back door we have a path leading to our garden and on the left hand side of it is a bit of 'dead space'.  It used to have a wheelchair ramp for disabled people to access the back door before we owned the house but now it has wood bark chippings as mulch to cut down on the weeds. 

I want to make our back garden a little more interesting this Summer with quirky homemade (preferably!) ornaments and decoration, but something that the boys would appreciate too. So I made these to start off  with. I thought they could hide amongst the wood chippings:
(That frog is green not blue in RL))
They are a stone frog and a ladybird made out of gessoed stones painted with acrylic paint.  (They still need to be varnished)  Maybe add some other friends...

When we bought the wood chipping mulch at the tail end of Summer last year, there was a real frog (or toad?) hiding in amongst it. We still don't know if it had been in it since it was at the Garden Centre.  We haven't got a pond but we did have a paddling pool up, which it might have appreciated (I had visions of it having a Pool Party with all its mates late at night but that might be TMI!)

Here is the photo I took of it:
Frog? or Toad?

(Incidently, I was doing the research on the resin jewellery because I fancy trying my hand at that, wondering how easy it would be... )

See you tomorrow,


K said...

Oooo, keep us updated on how the resin jewellery research goes and if you get started any. Its definately on my wanted list to try.

I always thought toads were warty and frogs werent but I'm probably wrong. Our nearest pool is about a 10 min walk from us, but toads/frogs seem to like settting up home under one of our slabs, and in gaps in the crazy paving wall I built.

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

Those stones are so sweet - little drops of colour in amongst the brown bark. Great idea - I gathered a few pebbles last autumn to do something with and haven't done anything yet! Think I'll be digging out the acrylic paint... xox

Carmen said...

Have just had a AHAHAHAHA! moment at your comment on my blog. Vay clever, Had to explain it to Craig though - can see he is not as clever or witty as we obviously are *g* Am slowly catching up on Blogland. Love your beasties, I remember doing those when I was little too.

Will watch with interest your resin adventures as it is also something I would love to have a dabble in.

Thanks for sticking with me Nicky :)

Nicky Stevenson said...

I couldn't remember what my comment was! lol. (Just been to hunt it out!)

I've bought some resin stuff, just need to fathom out what to do with it!


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