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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Bag Shopping

Today, there will be no craft!  I have been crafting a little today but I have also been shopping.  I haven't been for a while because my boys have been off on their school holidays and believe me, my boys and shops don't mix!

I actually have 3 bags to show you, which in total came to less than £10!  One of them in particular is really different, as you shall see....

The first one was from Barnados and it was a handmade tote:
I was attracted to it because of the distressed look and the swirls...
..and the fact it was new and just 99p!

The second one, isn't normally my kind of thing.  I am definately not a pink girly type and I don't tend to go for patterns (As I write this, I am dressed from head to toe in black, as usual!) but I have been faithfully reading the wonderful print&pattern blog and that may well have had some influence....:
It also has 2 pockets! I heart pockets!
Close up of the, ahem, pattern.
This was again new, from Oxfam costing the princely sum of £4.99!

This last one, which is actually the size of a small suitcase seems to be entirely handmade!:
As you can see, its transparent so I will have to be careful what I put in it, but its really different.
That was the one side...
..and this is the other.  Its got amazing handmade details on it:
All this is stitching and handpainted dots.  It has loose sequins trapped in the transparent material that move around with the bag:
Must have taken ages to make! I wonder what the story was behind it?
The only thing I wasn't completely impressed with were the handles:
They were just ribbon! Not very strong, but I could easily change them, or only put light things in the bag.
This bag came from the RSPCA charity shop and was just £2.50.

Now I've got lots more bags to take with me next time I go! :-) 

See you tomorrow,


Unknown said...

I didnt realise you had a thing about bags, love the 3rd one its gorgeous xx

Nicky Stevenson said...

Hi susan,

The 3rd one is definately my fav too.

I never have had a thing about bags, but with charity shop shopping you get what you find! (well, within reason! lol)

I always like to take real bags out with me shopping though, there's still too many plastic bags in the world! :-(


Kandi said...

Your transparent bag is great! It would make a great beach bag x

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