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Sunday 21 March 2010

Comfort Zone Bag

Today's craft will be one of those that you either love or hate! Its one of those that was done with gay (am I allowed to say that?) abandon!  Just get the materials and slosh, scribble & squeeze them on.  Don't care how its looks just put them down.

I spend hours looking at other people's blogs and see how some people are so brave in the kind of things that they create.  It is very easy to 'play safe', and not venture out of your comfort zone and I know I do that a lot.  I have loads of  art materials, equipment and embellishments that I am too scared to use or am saving to use on that 'perfect' piece of work (which never seems to come!) So today I decided to alter something in a very random way, freeing myself of that self-imposed restraint.

I had a velvet evening bag that I never use with some beads on the front:
I knew it wouldn't matter if I didn't like the end result because I never use the bag anyway, so haven't really got anything to lose. 

It's not dry or finished yet. When its dry I intend to tackle it some more.  I do like the vivid colour mix of the purples, pinks and blues, and it looks even more dramatic in 'real life'. 

I'm just pleased that I came out of my 'comfort zone' for the time I spent doing it, it felt good to do that (and now I'll sneak back in again! lol...)

See you tomorrow,



Julia said...

I really like that you did this - its so very easy to be strict with ourselves and only make or do something if we think its going to turn out perfect! I love the patterns you've created, the colours are great and it really reminds me of some shoes the author Sark once painted! Can't wait to see what you do next!

Love Julia x x x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thank you Julia. I read one of Sark's books once, he's very creative! I haven't seen his shoes though. I've made some more progress on the bag today if you'd like to see.

Incidently, I love your illustrations! You have a lovely blog.

qwiksave (Nicky) x

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