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Saturday 20 March 2010

Ummmm Choccie!

What a quiet weekend I am having. My boys have gone to their grandparents (my inlaws)  for the weekend and my husband is still working away in China.  I'm not used to all this quiet (well, as quiet as one can be living on a main road), but it has given me too much time to 'think'.  The only voices I'm getting now are the ones in my head, the ones saying 'isn't it about time you tackled that humongous ironing pile?' and the other one (?!) saying, 'nah, I'm too busy being creative!'....

Today, I decided my craft would be to make some choccies!  With my boys being away, I have been able to make the choccies in peace and lick the bowl out afterwards and without 'help'.

I have a Russell Hobbs Chocolate Treat Maker to assist me in my task:
which melts the choccie in the first place and then keeps it warm while you put it in the moulds:
You just stir it occassionally.
These are the set of moulds I got, from a local delicatessan shop
Do excuse the mess! After putting the choccie in the moulds you shake it gently to make it smooth and get air bubbles out.
Put them in the fridge for about half an hour and then turn them out.
Happy Easter!

Yes I know its early but these won't last that long (munch!), I'll make some more for then! :-)

qwiksave x


Unknown said...

I love your ideas with chocolate, never realised that you could buy a chocolate machine xx

Nicky Stevenson said...

I got mine a while ago, half price at Julian Graves. Some people just melt the chocolate using the microwave or pyrex bowl over boiling water. You can also get all sorts of moulds from ebay.

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