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Wednesday 24 March 2010


Thought that would get this blog noticed! We crafters do like our shopping! :-)

I haven't done a shopping post in a while so here is a result of today's little expedition.  It wasn't as fruitful as my previous haul (lol), but that is the nature of charity shop shopping, you can't always guarantee you'll get what you want. 

I got a strange mix of things today:
First of all, I got this rather nice Treat tin (Front & back views). Its a Nigella Lawson one apparently, for a pound. 
Then I got these dressmaking kits for 25p each.  I'm not actually going to make them, I'm just going to use the dressmaker's paper as a background on a candlewax canvas picture (a tip from Claudine Hellmuth  book, bought previously)
I also got these tattered old bricks for £1.25.  Thinking I might alter and put pictures on the blocks.  Some of them have got some writing on them already so I don't feel too guilty...
This was the book of the 'best of her magazines.'  I don't get her magazine (its about £4 I think) but this thick book was only £1.50 so I thought I'd give it a look.
These were bought on a whim, for the kids - they are hand puppets with BIG mouths! £2

...and these were some lovely photo corners and holographic stickers from Paperchase. The stickers were great at only £1 each....

and finally, something I didn't buy:
This was an enormous horses head and mirrored body sculpture spotted in Lee Longlands window, costing hundreds/thousands!

I have done a craft today but its 'not ready for my audience yet' (ark at me!), I'll show it tomorrow - if it works!....


Marg said...

Brilliant purchases! The pics on the front of the patterns would be good on a retro card. Glad you didn't buy the horses head thingy - reminds me of the Godfather film Yuk!

Crafty JuJu said...

WoW great find, I especially love the tin, would look great in my kitchen :D x

Carmen said...

You find the best bargains! I wish our charity shops threw up such gems. We are usually cheaper going to a normal shop the prices ours are doing.

Thank you for all your lovely advice yesterday Nicky. It was very much appreciated. I've done the dreaded deed and started a blog now. No excuses!

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thats a good idea Marg, to put the dressmaking patterns on a card, hadn't thought of that idea, thanks.

The tin looks great in my kitchen too Crafty Juju, lol. I particularly fancy putting my treats in it, hidden from the kids!

I'm glad I was of help to you Carmen. I did a blog just for myself when I was losing weight, I found it a great help.

Some of our charity shops aren't cheap, our Salv Army prices are ridiculous! I avoid that one!

qwiksave x

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