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Friday 26 March 2010

Computer Meltdown!!

Sorry for not doing a blog entry yesterday, but I have severe computer problems!!  My laptop has died since my darling older son decided to play a 'chase the magnet' game with some very strong magnets under and over the coffee table where my laptop was!  The laptop is now refusing to start!  Our Home PC has also suddenly got itself a virus so Sky have suspended the account until we restore the operating system.  My husband is coming back from China on Sunday so I am hoping he can fix both computers.

I'm writing this from our local library today (Friday) but I can't put pictures on it (boo!) but I'm still crafting daily (hooray!) and will show you what I've been doing in my absence as soon as I'm back - Hopefully Monday.

It's very frustrating not having a computer when you are as obsessed as I am and I am missing looking at all your wonderful work too.  Hope to see you soon.



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