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Friday 19 March 2010

Spread a Little Happiness

After I made the picture yesterday (and redid it today!) it occurred to me what a great idea making pictures for yourself or other people is.  It can also make an extremely good moneysaving present!   That frame I got yesterday was only 50p, so they really don't have to cost much at all. 

There are so many different things you could put in them too.  While I was clearing out our attic I found a pile of frames that I've accumulated and in one of them I found this lovely piece of writing that had been written by my husband when he was only about 5 years old!

(Click to enlarge)

It says on it:
My Records

(Ignoring the numbers down the side) I have 4 records 1 is Rupert and the Fire Bird and The Jungle Book and TV Cartoon Themes and The Owl and the Pussycat and Run Rabbit Run and I took it to school to play it on the School Record Player in the hall.  We did Musical Movement.

I like drawing aeroplanes best. Big aeroplanes fly fast in the air.

...and on the back are some handrawn pictures of dragons!:

My two little boys loved seeing the writing and drawings their daddy had done about 40 years ago!

It all depends on what type of things you may have but it made me think..  What other artefacts/bits of history could we put on display in frames?  Interesting things that we have from our pasts that tell a story, old letters that spoke of what life was like then... I've still got some pen pal letters from my teenage years, they may have bits in them that reveal to my sons what life was like in the 1970's....

But don't keep them to yourself! Put them on display (scan or take another photo of them if you want), let others see a part of you they don't normally!  Also, don't forget to give this sort of thing as gifts for Birthdays and Christmas, maybe to your siblings or parents.  If you present it nicely I can bet they'll appreciate it much more than something you've just plucked off a gift shop shelf.

Have a great weekend,



Melanie Marshall said...

When I got my books out of the attic it felt really surreal looking at the images and actually vaguely remembering drawing those once upon a time. Because of how precious and memory evoking they were to me, I now keep all of the kids. It was starting to mount up though so I photograph the every day things and keep the special items.

LOVE his dinosaur pics :) xx

Nicky Stevenson said...

I agree Melanie about taking photos & keeping your kid's work, wouldn't it have been great if our parents had done that? I would love to have a record of my growing up. Hopefully our children will do it for theirs too.

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