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Wednesday 10 March 2010

Wet T-Shirt

I think I like today's project, but it's difficult to tell because the state its in now (wet) isn't showing me how it will look when it dries.  What I am talking about is a fabric painted hippy type of t-shirt.

I was passing Gap today and in the window one of the manikins was wearing a watercoloured efffect t-shirt so I thought that would be a nice idea for a project.  I haven't got any fabric paints but I did have some fabric pens that I could try.  The first set I tried were made by Giotto, and they wouldn't work on the sprayed wet tshirt at all  -so I tried some Pebeo SetaSkrib+'s and they worked great (Charity shop £4):

 I had no idea what the finished effect was going to be like.  I just drew calligraphic scribbles and scrolls, sprayed some more water over and in a short time they all merged into this mass of colour. 

This shows an earlier stage, with the drawn lines starting to blur.

..and these show how the colours have dissolved into each other.

Not sure I'd wear the tshirt out, might just keep it to wear inside when I'm crafting.  I'll see what it's like when it dries!

See you tomorrow...
qwiksave x


PepPop said...

My OH would love this. Jaqui x

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