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Monday 29 March 2010

Metallic Pens and Water

My husband came in the door from 5 weeks working in China today (not yesterday as I thought) and came back with his gleaming new working laptop - what a warm welcome I gave the computer him! 

I haven't had time to put all the bits and bobs I've been doing the last few days so here's a taste:

This was the experiment I was making the other day, that didn't quite work but looks quite interesting so I thought I'd show you:
I used a library book, written by Suze Weinberg (of 'Melted Pot' fame) called 'The Art of Rubber Stamping':
(Incidently her current blog is great!)

It's a great book, albeit written AGES ago (in the year 2000!!)  with some fab ideas in it. This idea was to scribble metallic markers onto glossy black card and then squirt them with water to blend them. As you can see, in this first example the markers I used wouldn't blend -doh! I think I was meant to use a water soluble type.  On to Try number 2:
Only some of the markers blended!  But I did the next stage anyway:
Putting cling film on top, scrunching it up and then leaving it to dry.

Unfortunately, I can't show you the results of this because they are long gone - in the bin - for some reason it didn't work.  It was meant to leave a lovely textured finish that you can use for card backgrounds but mine didn't work.  Feel free to have a go yourself and hopefully you'll have more success than I did.  

I thought I'd show you anyway as not everything we do is going to work, as thats the nature of life (and blogging!)

It is, however, great to be back here in Blogland (I've missed you!) and I have done some successful crafts that I will share with you in extra posts over the next few days.  

Meanwhile, and inbetween doing that, I'm going to be busy, entertaining my boys (and husband) as its their Easter Holiday.  Hopefully some of it will involve crafting and some of it will be chocolate related! Mnnnn...



PepPop said...

Your technique may not have worked but the first picture you've taken with the water drops is fantastic! Jaqui x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Jacqui, I liked that picture too! Its a work of art in itself, lol. qwiksave x

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