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Monday 15 March 2010

More Filofaxing and Fingerprinting

I'll be honest today I haven't had chance for much crafting because I've been clearing out all the surplus charity shop stuff I've been buying over the years  our attic room in the hope that I'll be able to use it as a craft room - yay!  At one time we used to have a lodger living in the room, now you can barely get in the door!

With the sunshine today showing  those early signs of Spring, I couldn't seem to help but get domesticated (its the only time of year I do, lol) and finally decided to make a start on clearing this room.   But Rome wasn't built in a day and despite me slaving for hours, I've only managed to clear one corner (we are talking LOTS of stuff here!)

But I couldn't not do any craft, because that was my New Year's Resolution and so far I have been keeping to it - so I snook downstairs to do a litle work on my filofax pages:

This time I stuck some fun stickers to the pages, but I may decide to ink the edges at a later date.

I love this range, but  never see them anywhere. These ones I got years ago, from Belgrade.
I also cut some scrapbooking paper out and used my Big Bite to punch the holes:

I know its not a lot, but once I get my crafting room sorted they'll be no stopping me!

qwiksave x
PS. I also found this picture in an art book in the attic, isn't it great in its simplicity? Mainly just fingerprints, rubbings and ink dots. (By Clifford Bayly).


PepPop said...

I hope your're getting on OK with your new craft room. Love the giraffe peeking beneath the cover. Great idea to make something so boring look original. Jaqui x

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