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Thursday 4 March 2010

Plate Stand and Bargain!

I carried on working with that piece I started yesterday (see previous post) and now its very different from how it looked yesterday.  I threw everything at it (in true Tim Holtz style) including some stamped flourishes and even covered the whole thing in UTEE for good measure.  I had fun...but the end result was a bit dark so I haven't even got  a photo of it to show you.  I'm sure they'll be many more in the months ahead anyway....

What a lovely Spring like day it was today:
Almost felt like skipping through these, but it was still a bit chilly despite the sunshine!

This project is one I have been discussing on the Christmas Craft thread on MSE - it is a cake stand made simply from a plate and a candlestick!

I found the idea on the Oh So Crafty blog so thank you to Tricia for this. 

Here is my finished cake stand:
All I did was use Araldite glue to join the glass candlestick to the Porcelain Plate.
This was the plate (Royal Doulton, £1.50 from a charity shop):
..and this picture shows the glass candlestick (£3.50 charity shop) a bit more clearly:
...and this is it upside down showing where I joined the candlestick to the middle of the plate.
I used the writing on the bottom of the plate as a guide to find  where the centre was.

I was going to make some cupcakes to display on my plate but found I hadn't got enough flour so will do that another day now...but all in all a very easy and satisfying project to make.

Finally today, I thought you'd like to see one of my purchases that I got today (the other was a dish washing brush, not very exciting!) because if you have got a 'Works' shop nearby you might be able to get one of these for yourself. 

It's this:
105 (this pack is 5 layers deep) Embroidery threads for just £1.99!
They look so colourful in their packaging I hardly want to open the pack! 

qwiksave x


Perfect Balance Marketing said...

Bravo on the cake stand! Looks lovely with its Doulton plate - bet it will look even better with cakes on :o)

PepPop said...

Your plate is fantastic and wow what a bargain on your embroidery thread. Off to check where my nearest Works is... Jaqui x

Unknown said...

Qwiksave I just love your cakestand- defo going to make some of these to display the cakes and pastries on when I set the table for the Mothers Day tea I have planned.
Also what a fab bargain you got on the embroidery floss!
Poppy x

Teena Vallerine said...

oh my oh my! You're going to have fun with all those colours! Where to start?! t.x

Carmen said...

The cake stand is just gorgeous. As for those threads I must get to the Works soon, haven't been in ages! Good find!

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