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Tuesday 23 March 2010

A Hat, 15 Eggs and a Bag

Today I have been finishing off previous crafts like my wax crayon eggs from yesterday and my abstract evening bag from the day before.

Before I show you how those are doing, I thought you might like to see the Easter Bonnet I made with my younger son last year:
It was made from a yellow plastic children's Fireman's helmet.  It has green and blue tissue paper on top of ripped up blue plastic shopping bags that were stuck around the rim with PVA for the water effect. I We used a brown plastic bag for the nest with string & twine glued on.  The little ducks are actually painted novelty ice cubes!  All of the ducks were stuck on with strong glue dots.  

I didn't put the egg pictures I made yesterday in an art gallery (strangely enough), they were a bit brittle, but I did cut them out into egg shapes.  When we eventually get some sun, I'll stick  them onto a window:
(These were photographed on my light box)

Again, the fabric paint on the bag is not dry (oops!) but it gives you some idea of the pattern I put on the back:
The blue has lots of glitter particles in it.  It really does look quite dramatic and I do fancy using it now (when its dry!) I could wear it with a plain black dress and maybe make some equally dramatic shoes to match...

See you tomorrow



Its All Fiddle Fart said...

I love your hat. What a brilliant idea ...... I wish I had a little one to make one for! So different from the usual chicks and bunnies! ..... I am thinking ..... I could put one duck and a pond on the lid of a sweetie box and put some eggs inside! Cracking idea, than you!

Nicky Stevenson said...

I think that idea of yours is great too Helen. Look forward to seeing it! :-) Nicky (qwiksave) x

Sarah said...

Wow you've got so many fab crafty projects on the go!!!

PepPop said...

You'd better hide your hat or Whoopie will steal it :). Brilliant makes - love the eggs. They're so unusual. Jaqui x

Carmen said...

OI! PepPop! Actually I was just coming to say the same thing *g* I may have to filch the idea for my ones easter bonnet if you don't mind, it's fabulous *g*

I looooooove fabric paint. I vpought some when I won a pair of Vans trainers and they had this huge black and white floral print (gotta be coloured in, right?) I love that fine glitter effect it has. I now use it on my ducks, in my journals - everything. Does take forever to dry though.

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