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Friday 5 March 2010

More UTEE, gobstoppers and chickens!

Thank you for all the interest shown in my blog yesterday, there was a BIG increase in visitors - lots of people showing an interest in how to make the Cake stand.  Welcome to my new followers too, its always nice to have more people on board.

Today I have a few things to show you, the first one is some more altered art, I have been exploring doing backgrounds.  This one uses Tissue paper, brown ink and UTEE:
Difficult to see here but the tissue paper was scrunched up, then flatened, and then brown ink was put over the creases. Looks better in the flesh than on this photo, much more organic.

Unlike these, nothing organic about these!
We have 4 of these old fashioned machines outside our local newsagents.
I like the coloured bouncy balls...
..but not the plastic gifts in these...
..or these! Gobstoppers!  (yuck, think of the hygiene too!)

With Easter coming up I've thought of something for the children (big or small) to enjoy:

He, he! Although this is something the older ones amongst you may recognise even more than the young!  Maybe those of you that know it could sing it to the young (doing the actions), its fun!  My eight year old enjoyed it but he is old enough to be able to read and do it for himself! :-)


Caroline and Jayne said...

interesting blog lots to look at and see x TFS

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thank you for that, I enjoy finding things to put on here. qwiksave

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