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Tuesday 2 March 2010

Olde Worlde Photography Post

Well, sorry, but I didn't end up creating anything with my Tim bits and pieces last night, burning the midnight oil every night has finally caught up with me.  I did do a craft yesterday though, redoing that santa card that wasn't 'quite right'. 

I hope I've still got readers after my little outburst yesterday, I won't be doing distressing all the time, promise! :-)  In fact, I will DEFINATELY have to keep doing my shopping posts, that was my most popular post to date!

Today I went shopping (hurray!) but didn't do or get loads (boo!).  I spent quite a lot of the time taking photos because where I went is a very photogenic place - Warwick.  Even though I love to do hands on crafts, I must admit I still love my photography.  I also love the messing about with them after, although I always keep the originals, just in case.

Here we are then, LOTS of photos from today:
(apologies for the copyright notices, wish I didn't have to do it)

There are some lovely old timber framed buildings in the Main Street of Warwick

No photo trickery here, these pics are of a building for sale (front & back views), fancy buying it?
The arches are used by pedestrians to walk through.
More interesting buildings...

..a cafe..and is that the castle in the background?

This place (above) is where I had my wedding reception 14 years ago!
...and what a lovely shine and interesting detail on this door knocker, door and letter box.
A bit of window shopping now, these bears were in an antique shop window..
...and this bag was in an arty crafty window.

But no photos of Warwick would be complete without...
...a picture of the Castle!

My purchases? Just these:
The book was £1 from a charity shop and the Scrapbooking Handbook (looks great!) reduced to half price, @WHSmiths.  Oh and the beeswax is for a distressing technique :-)  £1.10 from a hardware shop.

Hope you've enjoyed the sunshine today - after school my boys wanted me to get out the hose pipe sprinkler and water pistols! lol.


K said...

Hi qwiksave, loving the photos & what fab bargains! I take piccies of things in shop windows as well, nomally for ideas coz my memory is AWFUL.

Was just wondering how you alter your photos, such as the mailbox one? I think its a lovely technique and would love to learn how to do it.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Hi K, Using picnik.com (which has just been acquired by Google!) I upped the contrast and the colour satuation and then used the HDR-ish settings. Hope that helped!

K said...

Oooo, that simple! excellent, cheers hun, I shall have to go play :D

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