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Sunday 17 October 2010

Costume pages part 2

I'm sorry but I have been hunting high and low for that picture of my son with no head but haven't found it yet! 

I've done another couple of pages though:
Say Cheese!

I personally think those teeth are revolting, but you can tell my youngest son, who was about 3 at the time, was quite happy to wear them.

This second page is a bit spooky! That skeleton on the left seems to be like a ghost coming out of the page:
It's a rubber toy skeleton that I have photocopied onto the page by placing it on top of the copier.

TipMake your own designs and embellishments by photocopying 3d objects (using your home printer, if available)
I have then used distressing ink (black) to go around the edge of the page.

I've got a quiet week next week, my eldest son goes on a Residential with the school (he was the one that got sent home from Cub Camp in the Summer, remember?)  He's going to be sent with strict good behaviour instructions and hopefully this time will get to enjoy the many activities including abseiling, orienteering and canooing.

My husband also goes back to work in Germany for the week, so its going to be quiet with just me and my youngest to entertain. 

* * *
I wish to enter this tip into the Top Tip Tuesday Challenge

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Hope you've had a good weekend,
Thanks for stopping by,


Liberty :) said...

Great idea to photocopy the skeleton!!

K said...

Wow! that skeleton has a really nice effect!

Caroljenks said...

Fantastic tip about photocopying objects! That skeleton looks amazing!!!
I hope your son has fun and manages to keep to his plan and has a great week.

Thanks for sharing with us this week at Top Tip Tuesday :)

Carol x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Yay! My tip won the 'Top Tip Tuesday' challenge! Thanks. :-)

PepPop said...

I can see why you won the challenge - clever idea (sorry I'm working through blogs backwards at the moment) Great pages. Jaqui x

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