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Saturday 23 October 2010

Christmas House Glitter

I've got a stash box specifically for glitter and I very rarely use it.  It's a shame because I love the sparkly effect it can give.  Glitter is difficult to get right though.  Years ago, it was big chunky stuff that you would put on with glue and it would rub off on the envelope you put the card in - I've probably still got some of that in the box, untouched and unloved.  Now, thank goodness, its made of cleverer stuff, and doesn't (very often) rub off.  So why don't I use it?  One of the reasons is its difficult getting the right shade of glitter, by that I mean the white one that has the sparkles in it.  So many of them have green sparkly bits in them - why?  You have to look very carefully when you buy.  Not all glitter is the same.

For some of my personalised christmas cards to my family last year I added glitter highlights to a snowy picture of the house I grew up and lived in for over 20 years.  My family loved the card - particularly as the house is no longer there. :-(  (It has been knocked down and has now got a block of flats in the space).

This is an example of how to do it (not my old house! :-)  ) using a picture from the internet:
(From a game site called Gamers Walkthrough - these are screengrabs from a game)

First take a picture of the house in the snow.  Print out the picture and then add glitter (or glitter glue)  to where the snow is at its highest points. Also to window frames, icicles, branches, signs...

Another example (picture from the same site):
Last year I also did one of these of my children's primary school adding fun snowman stickers.  My friend said at her house they don't keep christmas cards, but I noticed that this one was still up on display in February! :-) 

The best glitter glue I found for multicoloured glitter particles, used on these two examples was called Craft Twinkles Writer in Crystal by DecoArt (bought in Hobbycraft).

* * * * *
Other news and its half term next week, my husband came back from Germany today, yay, and my son came back safely on Friday from his Outward Bound school course.  His suitcase was a bit heavy when I carried it back from school.  It turned out that he'd brought back 4 rocks from the top of a mountain!  Boys, eh!..

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K said...

bringing home rocks off the top, lol, bless him!

I'm a bit of a glitter snob myself, its sooo hard to get just the right shade and texture, whether its plain ol' glitter, embossing powders or (my fav) mica powder.

Carmen said...

I have to sneak glitter in. Craig hates it. He can just about tolerate glitter glues but he goes into a right old tizz with the loose stuff. Imagine his HORROR and my delight when I got some in the GA kits and my aloof 'well I have to use it don't I? Do you WANT me thrown off the team?' Mwahahahahar!

Love the house pictures you've chosen, just stunning results.

PepPop said...

LOL at your son bringing home rocks - I brought one back from France last year from the beach next to where OH lived as a kid. He's still got it. I know what you mean about glitter - I avoided white and bought silver. Jaqui x

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