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Monday 4 June 2012

Jubilee Calligraphic Collage

Here is today's ICAD.  I put it together whilst the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert was playing on the TV in the background. It's lucky that this time the weather stayed dry for all those thousands of people who were there watching it live in London outside Buckingham Palace.

I love lettering and calligraphy and this is a collage of some lettering exercises that I got from an old, battered book on learning calligraphy.  I ripped up the individual strips of letters, then overlapped and stuck them down using some glue called 'Paper Effect' glue. The large letters already had the red colouring on them so I added red to some of the other letters for a co-ordinated look.  I then distressed the edge with my red ink pad to match the ones I've already done.

* * * * *
Following yesterday's 'show and tell' of my friend's house, I found a few more pictures of her mosaics to show you:
She does work to commission and one of her pieces was shown recently on an episode of 'May the Best House Win'.

* * * * *
Finally today, we went to a Vintage Fair on a local street.  I didn't buy anything or even take any photos, but I did spot this lovely scene on the canal as we walked there:


Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Jackie said...

Love the writing, fabulous card!

Andria said...

I love the look of your lettering samples, as well as your additions of red. Visiting from the ICAD site! :-)

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Your card floored me, what stunning writing. And those swans are just too cute...awww is right!

Carmen said...

Love this card - like you I love type but am not that brilliant at it. (Unlike you *g*)

Maggie said...

At first I was impressed by your calligraphy, after reading what you wrote, I'm impressed by your cutting and rearranging ability. Love your other pictures.

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