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Sunday 17 June 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As predicted the weather was blooming awful for our weekend at the Leamington Peace Festival.  Yesterday in particular, it chucked it down almost all day!  The grass was very close to looking like those famous Glastonbury mud newspaper photos you may remember from previous years.

Today we still had rain, but not as much and it was a teeny bit warmer.  I took quite a few photos which I will show you tomorrow.  Festivals are great for photography because they are so full of colour, patterns and interesting looking people who dare to wear creative styles of clothing and bright colours in their hair. 

For today I've got 3 days of the 'In the Sun' art journalling course I'm doing to show you.  One of which, has a couple of pictures from the Peace Festival:

My husband took the picture at the top and I did ask him to get a good reflection but oops, that didn't happen but the glasses are interesting enough.  The goggle type sunglasses were for sale on a stall, spot all the raindrops!

This second page was listing what was unique to me about this Summer:
The speech bubbles were from a free magazine about books.  It was for children to write their opinion on what they thought of a particular book.  My white Signo pen wouldn't work on the green so I tried a correction pen but it wasn't all that successful.

Finally, we were asked to do a 'Motif' for Summer, a summary of it.  This is what I'm thinking is mine for this year:
But I would love to be proved wrong!  The background was one of my watercolour and iron spray experiments from last week and the picture of the umbrella was taken at the Peace Festival.  I added the rain, thunder and lettering using PicMonkey.

Thanks for looking today and for any comments,


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Sorry your festival was wet - it was actually dry here all weekend! However, it's not so good today!

Love the pages and the water colour technique looks fab. I have a sneaky suspicion that had I seen those sunglasses I may have bought a pair to alter (they look very steam punkish from here :D) x

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