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Monday 18 June 2012

Fun at the Festival

Have I mentioned it rained at the Peace Festival last weekend?  Yes, I thought I had, in fact it was:
But there was a good spirit around, people making the best of it regardless of the weather. 

As usual, there was plenty to see and do and the best thing about it?  It is free to attend! Apparently it is one of the only free festivals left in the Country.   This is a yearly event and has stalls of many kinds, local schools, charities, healing, yoga, green causes, cafes,... as well as stalls selling these kind of things:
 I was tempted by the mosaic bowl (2nd picture) as it was only £12.95 - but resisted  (seemed too cheap for the amount of work involved)

There were also lots of clothing stalls with lots of bright colours and patterns:
and general fun stuff:
There was also lots of live music playing throughout the weekend, of varying quality (each to their own) 
(Small sample of lots of groups/singers)
..and you can watch dancers or join in yourself...or not!  

This is a very mini clip of a group I did like, must find out their name:

(I also wished I'd recorded more of them)

..and finally for these photos, a selection of people that caught my eye:
But whatever clothes you were wearing, wellies were the essential item of the weekend!

Thanks for stopping by today, I've been crafting quite a bit today so have a few things to show you tomorrow.
Enjoy your day,


Carmen said...

I really enjoy your posts about this festival - it looks such an amazing place to visit. I don't think I could have resisted that bowl ;)

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